American Bazaar - ‘KOHL’ Every Woman’s Love

American Bazaar - ‘KOHL’ Every Woman’s Love

American Bazaar - ‘KOHL’ Every Woman’s Love

May 27, 2019

Woman's eyes are the most beautiful and attractive part of her face. The use of 'kohl' or 'kajal' or 'soorma' boosts its beauty. It is an evergreen beauty product. Poets also have expressed the beauty of 'kohl eyes'. Sometimes they call them mesmerizing eyes. 

'Kohl' gives depth to eyes. Only a single line of it makes a lot of difference. No matter your eyes are small or big, 'kohl' suits to everybody. It makes your eyes twinkling and also provides cooling and soothing effect to them.

In ancient time people were used to make ‘soorma’ at home. But now in trendy days eye-liner and kohl-pencil has took the place of homemade 'soorma'. Not only water proof but in different colors and of various brands it is available in the market.

How to Apply 'KOHL'

'Kohl' can be applied in many ways. You can draw thin or thick line as per your choice. Thick line will give you a bold look and thin line will give you a calm look. Sometimes you can give the smoky effect to eyes. For beginners it could be very cumbersome but with regular practice one could get success to apply it and could draw it in many stylish ways. Here are few steps to use it:

  1. Choose a fine quality kohl pencil.
  2. Sharp it properly. (Thin or Thick)
  3. Start from the internal corner of the upper lid and draw with the line of the eye to the end.
  4. Do same as to the lower lid.

At the end you will get stunning eyes which will tell a story and will steal the heart of every admirer.



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