How to Get Rid of Frizzy Hair

American Bazaar - How to Get Rid of Frizzy Hair

American Bazaar - How to Get Rid of Frizzy Hair

May 25, 2019

Hair Frizz can't be the taste of any one. It is very tough to love and seems like a nightmare and also very frustrating. You don't like to go anywhere with tangled, unmanageable, dried and fleecy hair. If you are also in same train and want to get rid of it then come with us. We will help you.

The main cause of hair frizz is lack of moisture. Rain and humidity add fire to this. But apart from this there are number of factors which tend to frizzy hair. These factors are:

Hot Water

Hot water bath relaxes your body but not to hair. As we know the cause of the frizz is the lack of moisture and hot water removes all the oils from your valuable hair and make them rough and dry. So, use lukewarm water to retain condition in hair.


Everything needs care and feed. So, your hair too. Oiling is a bonus to hair. It provides smoothness to hair. Not greasing your hair is also a cause of frizziness. So, massage with hot oil before shampoo provide healthy hair. For proper nourishment of hair use coconut oil, olive oil and argan oil.

Excess use of Blow Dryer

Blow dryer is a rival to frizzy hair as it dry hair roots. But sometime for occasions no choice left with us. So then use diffuser attachment as help to keep the shape of natural hair intact.

Daily shampoo your hair

To produce rich foam, shampoos contain some harsh chemicals which imbalance the natural condition of hair and result very dry and damaged hair. So, instead of wash hair daily, scheduled to alternate days. Also use a good conditioner after shampoo to combat your hair and use cold water to rinse the conditioner.

Rub your Hair with Rough Towel

After bath you wrap up your hair with coarse towel and it draws all the moisture from your hair and make them dry. To avoid this situation, use a micro fiber towel to dry your hair which will control the frizz and hair damage.

Split Ends

Have you got split ends? Longer the split ends stick around, higher the risk of hair damage in strands and wreaking ahead. So, to overcome this get haircuts or trim your hair on regular basis.
By avoiding these factors, you can control hair frizziness. Apart from these, take healthy and protein rich diet.

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