American Bazaar - How to Apply Foundation for Perfect Look

American Bazaar - How to Apply Foundation for Perfect Look

American Bazaar - How to Apply Foundation for Perfect Look

May 28, 2019

You have bought the perfect foundation, but are in a misperception that how to apply it? You always want to hear the compliments for your skin not for the foundation you have applied. If you apply a very heavy layer of foundation, your skin will look like a cake and it will go flakey very easily. On the other hand, if you apply a very thin layer then it will not blend properly. So, the appropriate amount and good techniques are very much required for the use of foundation.

In olden days, people used their fingers to apply the foundation, but now in modern world some more techniques have come into existence which gives a structured look to your face. In this article we will discuss these techniques.

  1. Sponge:

Sponge is a very good method to merge the foundation as it covers more area and reaches every nook and corner (e.g. nose and eyes) of the face and gives flawless finish.

How to use Sponge:

Moist your sponge with water or rose water. Dab the foundation on your face with finger tips.  Hold the sponge from corners and blend the foundation as outwards and downwards strokes. Don’t forget to cover your neck and chin.

  1. Brush:

Brush is used to apply a liquid foundation. While we can apply a liquid foundation with fingers but brush gives a perfect and smoother look, blends more evenly and decrease the wastage of the product. Always use a good quality brush and wash it properly after every use. It will increase the life of the brush. 

How to use Brush:

Take the ample amount of foundation on the back of your hand and mix it with brush properly and blend it on your face in criss-cross manner. Continue it until liquid absorbs into the skin. 

  1. Fingers:

Fingers are the ancient and cheap method to apply foundation. Whether you have not any sponge or brush, your fingers are always with you. But make sure that your hands are clean before blending the foundation to get rid of dirt and germs. 

How to use foundation with fingers:

Apply foundation in dots to your forehead, chin, nose and cheeks. Blend it with fingers very carefully in outwards strokes. Make sure that every part of face would get an equal finish. 

Hope you have liked the article. Stay tuned for more.

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