American Bazaar - Daily Skin Care Regime for Every Type of Skin

American Bazaar - Daily Skin Care Regime for Every Type of Skin

American Bazaar - Daily Skin Care Regime for Every Type of Skin

May 31, 2019

In today's busy life everybody starts his/her day with dirt, pollution and blazing sun rays. All these factors have different impact on different types of skin. But your skin is a great asset for you. To maintain the gloss of it, you should follow some skin care regime. In this article, we will express a skin care routine which is essential for every type of skin. To attain soft and supple skin one should go through these three steps on regular basis.


In the morning, splash fresh water on your face, apply a gentle face wash which suits to your skin type and rub gently to cleanse it. Some people use cleansing milk for cleansing purpose, that is also very good as it helps to prevent the clogging of pores.


Toner shrink the pores of skin. But mostly people skip it because they found it very harsh and irritable. But this problem can be tackled with the choose of the right type of product. Say ‘no’ to alcohol-based toner and apply only hydrating toner.

It is very beneficial for oily and combination skin type because it absorbs all the oil from face and make your skin hydrate and supple. Either you can spray direct or take a little amount of toner on your palm and pat it on your face.


Moisturizing means to provide moisture to your skin and prevent it from harsh atmosphere from outside. Although your body has its natural lubricating system to maintain the natural oils of skin. But still then everybody needs a moisturizer. Skin care routine is incomplete without it. You should apply moisturizer on damp skin to intact the moisture inside the skin.

Use cream-based moisturizer for dry or combination skin type and oil free for oily skin type. Picking up moisturizer according to skin type and weather will give a well-nourished and radiant skin.
So, these three steps are very fertile if you apply these on regular basis. It will take not more than five minutes but will give a new charm to your face. You will see the change in some days.

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